Affordable Web Design in Denton, TX

We create websites all over the United States, however, it is nice to work on local web projects and help individuals and small businesses in the Denton, TX community.

As a local resident of Denton, I love this city and I plan to run for mayor someday, but for now, I enjoy seeing this community thrive. Denton is growing, fast, and there is a lot of opportunity for someone who wants to start an online business, or anything in construction. I’ve seen some businesses slow down, but in Denton, the construction business and online businesses that I know of, like online training courses, online shopping, and author websites have been booming.

Some of my favorite projects to work on for small business owners is construction, restaurants and medical businesses. I love to create websites for construction companies because I love before and after pics of renovations. One of my most recent projects, and a site I love, is Rave Renovate is a beautiful website and they do beautiful work. It was fun creating an easy-to-navigate site as well as a detailed portfolio showing pictures of the before and after pictures of their remodeled projects.

Below, the color palette for this website is dark and luxurious. I don’t see a lot of websites with a dark background, but when I do land on them, I always love them. There is something much more grounded about a dark website. I think white is an easy option because we are used to reading text on white pages. But, a dark contrasting background with a nice bright white font and gold accents is just what the doctor ordered for this great renovation site. Check out the full site at – especially if you are in the Denton, TX area and you need some renovations!

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