Aaron Draplin Graphic Design Inspiration

When I first started doing web and graphic design I taught myself using online training videos. When I started in 2009, I had just been laid off from Texas Instruments and I didn’t have anything but two months severance and the idea of starting a web design business because I liked doing templates for bloggers. Over the years I have been inspired by so many great designers and one of my favorites has always been Aaron Draplin. Aaron is someone that I aspire to be like because he doesn’t play to the masses. I have a fear of not being liked, of upsetting someone, ruffling feathers – so that means sometimes I hold back and wear the “business mask”, but in reality, I want to be raw and real and authentic and for people to get to know me without filters.

Take a moment to watch this great video from the Aiga Design Conference. Aaron talks about his journey to become a graphic designer and entrepreneur.

What Inspires You?

Each day I love to create new things and write new content, but I often find that I fall short when it comes to inspiration. I have a journal that lists topics to write about each day that allow me a focused journey when I’m reflecting, but when it comes to creating art, sometimes I need something special to inspire me and to keep me focused. Aaron Draplin, Mubien, Grain and Mortar, all of these brands I go to fo inspiration when it comes to forward-thinking, hard-working, design.

So I’ll ask you again, what inspires you? What makes you passionate about getting out of bed in the morning? If you don’t have that thing, then I challenge and encourage you to find it.